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Learning From Failure

29 Jun, 2016

“Embrace Failure”

“Be Steadfast”

“Failure is a byproduct of Success”

You know all the clichés… but do you really gain a return from your failures?

If you follow Lab Tactical online, it’s no secret that we have a distinct fondness for Harvard Business Review. Our leadership and growth conversations are often inspired from the stories contained within its pages. The May 2016 issue focuses on failure and how one learns from it as a professional to lead their teams after challenges exist.

We took the points outlined by Julian Birkinshaw and Martine Haas of and narrowed the focus to 3 relevant scenarios in our industry:

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How Do I Transition to an Outcomes-Driven Clinical Model?

16 Jun, 2016

Use your existing data and systems to build metrics for the clinical side of your business.

There is a lot being said about the transition to outcomes-driven care. This concept of getting paid for “taking care” of a patient rather than the pieces of equipment makes good sense and we tend to unite on the understanding that better quality care is a great thing! But what does that even mean? Outcome of what? For who?

Whew. That gets deep, quick! So let’s “eat the elephant.”

We challenged the Lab Tactical team to share 3 things you can do right now when evaluating your current business with an outcomes-based lens:

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