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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Adding Education to your Company Culture

28 Feb, 2018

Organizations grow when their people do. Even the best team members often put their own development aside, instead choosing to focus on the needs of day to day work. This habit probably exists in your company, too.

It’s long been said that education improves your opportunity to have a better job. Plenty of studies allude to it, like this one from the Brookings Institute, but at some point, the formal education path ends with the completion of high school or college.

So, how do employees keep learning?

Employees often count on you, their employer, to pick up where their previous teachers left off. Usually, it’s because they can’t really find the type of training they need on their own or they aren’t sure what skills or concepts we be helpful for them to learn.

So, how can you step up and help your employees get access to education that helps them grow themselves and your company?

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