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Marketing to HME Payers

30 Aug, 2016

5 tips to build a value-based relationship game plan

The shift to an outcomes-based model of business you have been reading about for years is real and is finally occurring. We have watched it at the state level in places such as Texas and Tennessee with service-level contracts for specific regions. We also see it at the payer level with programs such as Aim Specialty Health, which focuses more on usage and proving efficacy.

Conversations with payers frequently include discussions about outcomes, yet the term “outcome” by itself is generic and might not mean much if you have not been specifically affected in your organization—or perhaps it means everything because you have been affected. In either case, your approach, preparation and continued engagement with payers are what continue to add meaning to the term “outcomes.” Stated more simply: an outcomes-based model requires having a value-based relationship with your payer.

Preparing yourself for value-based relationships with your payers is something that every company can do, regardless of size or service area. So, what does this mean to you and what can you do about it? Following are five tips to jump-start your payer relationship game plan.

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Getting Your Cell Phone Back

13 Aug, 2016

Remember how excited you were when you got your first phone?

Perhaps it was in a bag, barely fit in your pocket, or maybe you were an avid Snake player. For nearly all of us, it was an exciting moment. Technology at our fingertips!

Most of our phones have transformed to universal communication devices, in fact, this very article was crafted on an mobile note-taking app. And, frankly, the Lab Tactical team won’t even consider a new software unless it offers an app to be loaded onto our androids or iPhones.

Undoubtedly, these added features steal valuable face time and attention to those around us. Notice your phone is controlling more time than you’re comfortable with? Consider these tips:

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Ending Meetings

9 Aug, 2016

Company culture… that’s just all that fluffy feel-good stuff that people like to talk about at conferences, right?

Actually, not so much. Often it ends of being the little things that make or break the productivity and efficiency in an office. In fact, even the way you end meetings in your company says more about your company culture than you think.

Here are 4 tips for improving your company culture by having better meetings:

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LabTac News

Moving Forward from Rural Cutbacks

1 Aug, 2016

What exactly should you be concerned about over the next six months post-rural Medicare Reduction? In short, lots. If we can be candid for a moment, this is a frustrating process that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of logical sense. Perhaps we can help…

Here are 6 month-by-month focal points you should consider in composing your strategy:

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9 Ways to Use Mobile Technology Right Now

30 Jul, 2016

  1. Password Management Software. What’s your method: A spreadsheet with all your most personal details? A notebook with a little lock on it? Your own secret code? If you’re as forgetful as any of us, try password management. You’ll likely use it across all of your devices – but don’t pick one without a compatible app. Here’s a review
  2. Mobile Delivery Management Software. This is at the top of the mobile device pyramid. It seems that Apacheta owns the most robust offering in our space. They can work with most software platforms and even automate business processes for you post-delivery. . One VERY important thing: make sure your entire team is ready for this type of implementation prior to investing. This will help with clarity on ROI, which can be tough to understand.
  3. Get signatures on delivery paperwork. You can get signatures from patients on tablets. You don’t have to deploy a mobile delivery management software system to do so. Here’s a list of 24 Apps (and all of them have API integration if you need it!)
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Re-Evaluating Your Processing Services

28 Jul, 2016

As more and more cuts are shoved down to the medical industry it is important that you cut cost and maximize profits whenever possible. Give me 90 seconds of your time and let me help you…

Merchant service fees probably isn’t where you first thought to start. They are complicated and, unfortunately, a necessary evil if you want to process credit cards through your business. Rather than paying these charges blindly, you need to make the time to understand your current rates and shop around. I can’t stress this enough so I am going to say it again but louder this time you need to make the time to understand your current rates and shop around! Got it? Good!

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Redefine Sales Commissions in Your Business

22 Jul, 2016

Designing a bonus program for a health care business is no simple task. Once you’ve created a model that makes both you (and your sales team!) comfortable, moving to the implementation phase of a new “Commission Plan” for your organization can present a separate set of challenges.

Below is our advice on both isolating and becoming successful  at both designing and implementing change in your business…

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LabTac News

Home Medical Equipment Rate Cuts to Rural America

19 Jul, 2016

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you are well aware of the cuts made to Medicare reimbursement rates in rural areas. We’re still a little shocked at the reduction in rates that went into affect this month. It’s disappointing, frustrating… and presents a whole new set of business challenges.

The best thing every provider can do is to be informed and educated as possible. Our first piece of advice is to evaluate the scope of impact for your company. You can find an abbreviated list of affected HCPCS codes with estimated rural rates by region thanks to the team at AAHomecare:


The Importance of Patient Payment Collections

10 Jul, 2016

With plummeting allowables and rising costs, it is more important than ever to be able to collect the patient portion of what is allowed for equipment or services. There needs to be a culture change in the mindset of HME employees. For years collecting the patient portion has been lax and has never been a real priority. Patients have been taught by the industry that the rates being charged are “flexible” and can be negotiated.

The patient portion of your allowed is essentially your profit. Not collecting the patient portion means you are barely breaking even on most product lines. HME providers need to take a lesson from physician offices. In a physician’s office they are upfront with their fees, they are unapologetic and often guilt-free about collecting the copay upfront. They have taught the patient that this is the expected process and if you want to see the doctor you need to pay your copay.

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Leaders vs. Visionairies

6 Jul, 2016

Successful healthcare organizations employ teams where each person owns their piece(s) of the pie and are almost always lead by individuals who understand the importance of building a supportive structure around innovative ideas. If your organization is anything like the rest, your management team probably has a list of visions in mind for the future. Choosing the most logical vision is truly an art, not a science – and assembling your team carefully gives the best leg up on success.

So let’s talk about the dynamics of your leadership team, the people who are charged with managing your organization. In my experience there are leaders, there are visionaries… and you need both:

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