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Team Huddle

Trends for Training Investment

2 Apr, 2018

Training is typically one of the greatest investments for any organization. Certainly, there’s the cost for the classes – but there is also the time investment and the opportunity cost of things that could be done while your team is learning. It’s hard to be certain that you’re making the right decisions in your choice. In an industry like home medical equipment, it can be hard to get qualified data from your peers on their education budgets as well.

When performing market research recently, we found this study from the Brandon Hall Group regarding recent trends in and thought we’d break down its observations how they apply to HME providers.

Key Findings from the BHG Study:
  • Custom eLearning is the most expensive learning experience to develop, and video learning is the least expensive of those analyzed. eLearning is utilized 28% more often by team members.
  • 58% of organizations spend more than $1,000 per learner on training for senior leadership annually – compared to just 39% for high-potentials and 32% for mid-level management.
  • The classroom is still king — it’s chosen 22% more than any other modality.
  • Coaching/ mentoring is seen as more effective for the third consecutive year, although its use is 37% less.

These five other thoughts are important when contemplating what you invest in improving your business through its people.

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Leader Walking Into Meeting

Play Calling in Healthcare

19 Mar, 2018

Leading a successful healthcare business and calling plays for a sports team are quite parallel in more than just a couple ways. If you’re the coach of any team, the way you organize your communication and direction are probably related to your wins – and losses.

Just like a team showing up for practice, employees show up understanding why they are in the office that day. Often the right mix of encouragement and accountability will bring the best out of them.

When drawing a comparison between sports and business, we have all heard cliché analogies for having the ‘Hail Mary’ sales plan or a manager that feels a project is ‘in her wheelhouse.’ This blog focuses a little more an existential comparison – specifically on the way that you call plays in your business and the players on your team that you choose to run them.

There a few things to consider when choosing the type of coach you want to be:

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Android Apps and Desk

4 Easy Apps for Micro-Efficiencies

17 Mar, 2018

Micro-efficiencies are tools or small process improvements that solve time-stealing problems.

We sort of made that word up.  After all, the word efficiency already exists – so why would we need a subclassification? It’s not very often that a made-up word would make it into the list of Lab Tactical’s digital vocabulary, closely governed by both Grammarly and our CEO!

Yet somehow we slipped this one through for the blog post and here’s why we think you should add more Micro-efficiencies to your life…

Using smart devices is where you’ll likely find the most opportunity to deploy micro-efficiencies, starting with your smartphone. Now, there are a ton of examples of how your smartphone can make your life easier. It’s choosing the right apps or software are most helpful that can be a challenge.

Graph from Smart Insights Study

This line graph is a look at mobile phone transition over the past 10 years. The yellow circle highlights the time near the beginning of 2014 when the use of devices overtook desktop computers.

It’s likely you’re using your device for your job role in your company, even if they don’t reimburse you for it! More business is done through smartphones than ever before.

This means that often we’re expected to be just a little more attentive, a few more hours a day. Being responsive is a great way to build relationships and manage multi-tasking. It can also take a bite out of your downtime, which is just as important.

If you are fine with a notebook and phone calls to your team, these suggestions might not be for you. But if you’re anything like us, you’re curious about a few solutions that can be implemented with a bit of diligence and setup, read on. Read More

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Adding Education to your Company Culture

28 Feb, 2018

Organizations grow when their people do. Even the best team members often put their own development aside, instead choosing to focus on the needs of day to day work. This habit probably exists in your company, too.

It’s long been said that education improves your opportunity to have a better job. Plenty of studies allude to it, like this one from the Brookings Institute, but at some point, the formal education path ends with the completion of high school or college.

So, how do employees keep learning?

Employees often count on you, their employer, to pick up where their previous teachers left off. Usually, it’s because they can’t really find the type of training they need on their own or they aren’t sure what skills or concepts we be helpful for them to learn.

So, how can you step up and help your employees get access to education that helps them grow themselves and your company?

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Organizing Your Professional Priorities

11 Jan, 2018

A new year, undoubtedly, means new resolutions. Whether the idea of making resolutions fills with excitement or that opening sentence just made your eyes roll, there is a universal truth we can all agree on: getting organized and staying on top of priorities is a never-ending challenge of business owners, executive, and managers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tools for getting sh*t done!

  1. Bullet Journaling. One of our team’s favorite tools over the past year or so, the Bullet Journal method is a great tool for prioritizing tasks. We’ve each adapted this method to meet our individual needs and work habits and that adaptability is what makes this method so functional!The basic concept: create one list each morning (or the night before for my fellow night owls out there!) with all the tasks & events that need your time & attention. For example, my list includes the things I need to touch for clients and Lab Tactical… but also includes reminders about friends’ birthdays, yoga class, and travel plans. This balance between personal and professional responsibility helps reduce the time you need to spend prioritizing your day to the best, most productive you possible. Learn how to start your own Bullet Journal here.
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Operations & Efficiency

Drop Shipping vs. Maintaining a Warehouse: Which Is Right For You?

26 Jan, 2017

Drop shipping vs. maintaining an inventory warehouse… What is the best option for your organization? As technology evolves and electronic ordering becomes a more prolific part of DME business, it’s clear that drop shipping is quickly becoming a more cost effective and efficient process, however, some items should be picked up in store when the cost of drop shipping plus product cost exceeds the reimbursement margin.

The key is understanding which products can be drop shipped and which ones should be in your warehouse to maintain profitability. We have laid some information below to help you better understand the advantages to automating your product delivery.

It’s critical to understand what product can be drop shipped and which ones
should be in your warehouse…

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LabTac News

Moving Forward from Rural Cutbacks

1 Aug, 2016

What exactly should you be concerned about over the next six months post-rural Medicare Reduction? In short, lots. If we can be candid for a moment, this is a frustrating process that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of logical sense. Perhaps we can help…

Here are 6 month-by-month focal points you should consider in composing your strategy:

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9 Ways to Use Mobile Technology Right Now

30 Jul, 2016

  1. Password Management Software. What’s your method: A spreadsheet with all your most personal details? A notebook with a little lock on it? Your own secret code? If you’re as forgetful as any of us, try password management. You’ll likely use it across all of your devices – but don’t pick one without a compatible app. Here’s a review
  2. Mobile Delivery Management Software. This is at the top of the mobile device pyramid. It seems that Apacheta owns the most robust offering in our space. They can work with most software platforms and even automate business processes for you post-delivery. . One VERY important thing: make sure your entire team is ready for this type of implementation prior to investing. This will help with clarity on ROI, which can be tough to understand.
  3. Get signatures on delivery paperwork. You can get signatures from patients on tablets. You don’t have to deploy a mobile delivery management software system to do so. Here’s a list of 24 Apps (and all of them have API integration if you need it!)
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Redefine Sales Commissions in Your Business

22 Jul, 2016

Designing a bonus program for a health care business is no simple task. Once you’ve created a model that makes both you (and your sales team!) comfortable, moving to the implementation phase of a new “Commission Plan” for your organization can present a separate set of challenges.

Below is our advice on both isolating and becoming successful  at both designing and implementing change in your business…

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