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10 Questions To Ask Yourself About Patient Outreach

5 Sep, 2017

The key to successful patient outreach campaign is to really understand your audience. Take the time to do some research, put a roadmap together, and plan how to execute this campaign to gain the best possible results. We’ve put a list of questions together to help get you started on piecing that plan together. Below you will find a list of 10 questions that you and/or your team should ask yourself to get the planning process started.

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The Importance of Patient Payment Collections

10 Jul, 2016

With plummeting allowables and rising costs, it is more important than ever to be able to collect the patient portion of what is allowed for equipment or services. There needs to be a culture change in the mindset of HME employees. For years collecting the patient portion has been lax and has never been a real priority. Patients have been taught by the industry that the rates being charged are “flexible” and can be negotiated.

The patient portion of your allowed is essentially your profit. Not collecting the patient portion means you are barely breaking even on most product lines. HME providers need to take a lesson from physician offices. In a physician’s office they are upfront with their fees, they are unapologetic and often guilt-free about collecting the copay upfront. They have taught the patient that this is the expected process and if you want to see the doctor you need to pay your copay.

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How Do I Transition to an Outcomes-Driven Clinical Model?

16 Jun, 2016

Use your existing data and systems to build metrics for the clinical side of your business.

There is a lot being said about the transition to outcomes-driven care. This concept of getting paid for “taking care” of a patient rather than the pieces of equipment makes good sense and we tend to unite on the understanding that better quality care is a great thing! But what does that even mean? Outcome of what? For who?

Whew. That gets deep, quick! So let’s “eat the elephant.”

We challenged the Lab Tactical team to share 3 things you can do right now when evaluating your current business with an outcomes-based lens:

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