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Organizing Your Professional Priorities

11 Jan, 2018

A new year, undoubtedly, means new resolutions. Whether the idea of making resolutions fills with excitement or that opening sentence just made your eyes roll, there is a universal truth we can all agree on: getting organized and staying on top of priorities is a never-ending challenge of business owners, executive, and managers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tools for getting sh*t done!

  1. Bullet Journaling. One of our team’s favorite tools over the past year or so, the Bullet Journal method is a great tool for prioritizing tasks. We’ve each adapted this method to meet our individual needs and work habits and that adaptability is what makes this method so functional!The basic concept: create one list each morning (or the night before for my fellow night owls out there!) with all the tasks & events that need your time & attention. For example, my list includes the things I need to touch for clients and Lab Tactical… but also includes reminders about friends’ birthdays, yoga class, and travel plans. This balance between personal and professional responsibility helps reduce the time you need to spend prioritizing your day to the best, most productive you possible. Learn how to start your own Bullet Journal here.
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