1. Password Management Software. What’s your method: A spreadsheet with all your most personal details? A notebook with a little lock on it? Your own secret code? If you’re as forgetful as any of us, try password management. You’ll likely use it across all of your devices – but don’t pick one without a compatible app. Here’s a review
  2. Mobile Delivery Management Software. This is at the top of the mobile device pyramid. It seems that Apacheta owns the most robust offering in our space. They can work with most software platforms and even automate business processes for you post-delivery. . One VERY important thing: make sure your entire team is ready for this type of implementation prior to investing. This will help with clarity on ROI, which can be tough to understand.
  3. Get signatures on delivery paperwork. You can get signatures from patients on tablets. You don’t have to deploy a mobile delivery management software system to do so. Here’s a list of 24 Apps (and all of them have API integration if you need it!)
    Best Digital Signature Apps
  4. Use Telemedicine. There are secure services that can be used today to communicate with patients. It’ll take some research, but companies like Mend¬†offer these types of technology today. There’s an investment but rarely do your competitors offer this type of value added service. If it lessens your in-home clinical calls, it will pay for its self over time, however, a word of advice: you’ll need to measure this efficiency.
  5. Tether your phone(s). Adjust your data plan if you need to. Sales reps often need access to internet in areas where they aren’t welcome on the local network. Having your team connect with laptops to coffee shop internet can also pose it’s own challenges.
  6. Dedicate an old device to company social media. Have an old phone? Give it to the person heading up your social media department and have them turn it into a dedicated device for the purpose. (Remember patient privacy rules and company posting rules still apply). A smartphone at their desk can help them test the mobile compatibility of digital communications.
  7. Expense Management. Gone are the days which you tape receipts to blank pieces of paper for reimbursement. If you’re reading this and you haven’t made this move for your team… click this American Express link. Narrow their 6 suggestions to 3 and call us. We can help.
    7 Best Apps for Tracking Business Expenses
  8. Remote wiping capability. Most platforms (Google, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange) now offer a remote wiping option. Research this today. That way, when the situation arises that you need to use this feature, you’ll already have confidence in your selection and be able to mitigate your risk quicker.
  9. Talk about a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy with your team. Most companies require use of employee devices for work function. There are many ways to handle this. We found value in showing you these 4, from fixed amount to variable usage data reimbursement.


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