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Adding Education to your Company Culture

28 Feb, 2018

Organizations grow when their people do. Even the best team members often put their own development aside, instead choosing to focus on the needs of day to day work. This habit probably exists in your company, too.

It’s long been said that education improves your opportunity to have a better job. Plenty of studies allude to it, like this one from the Brookings Institute, but at some point, the formal education path ends with the completion of high school or college.

So, how do employees keep learning?

Employees often count on you, their employer, to pick up where their previous teachers left off. Usually, it’s because they can’t really find the type of training they need on their own or they aren’t sure what skills or concepts we be helpful for them to learn.

So, how can you step up and help your employees get access to education that helps them grow themselves and your company?

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Organizing Your Professional Priorities

11 Jan, 2018

A new year, undoubtedly, means new resolutions. Whether the idea of making resolutions fills with excitement or that opening sentence just made your eyes roll, there is a universal truth we can all agree on: getting organized and staying on top of priorities is a never-ending challenge of business owners, executive, and managers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tools for getting sh*t done!

  1. Bullet Journaling. One of our team’s favorite tools over the past year or so, the Bullet Journal method is a great tool for prioritizing tasks. We’ve each adapted this method to meet our individual needs and work habits and that adaptability is what makes this method so functional!The basic concept: create one list each morning (or the night before for my fellow night owls out there!) with all the tasks & events that need your time & attention. For example, my list includes the things I need to touch for clients and Lab Tactical… but also includes reminders about friends’ birthdays, yoga class, and travel plans. This balance between personal and professional responsibility helps reduce the time you need to spend prioritizing your day to the best, most productive you possible. Learn how to start your own Bullet Journal here.
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10 Questions To Ask Yourself About Patient Outreach

5 Sep, 2017

The key to successful patient outreach campaign is to really understand your audience. Take the time to do some research, put a roadmap together, and plan how to execute this campaign to gain the best possible results. We’ve put a list of questions together to help get you started on piecing that plan together. Below you will find a list of 10 questions that you and/or your team should ask yourself to get the planning process started.

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Engaging Vendors for Products

27 Jan, 2017

Switching from one software platform to other is something companies should never take lightly.  In today’s landscape, you can pick from the host of options: HDMS, Brightree, TIMS and the Mediware suite of software are all vetted options in our space.

We think that evaluating a change requires a systematic approach, including the 4 steps below.

From a high level, implementing new billing software additional capital from the company and additional resources from your current staff. Place emphasis on the latter of those two examples: your staff.  

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Operations & Efficiency

Drop Shipping vs. Maintaining a Warehouse: Which Is Right For You?

26 Jan, 2017

Drop shipping vs. maintaining an inventory warehouse… What is the best option for your organization? As technology evolves and electronic ordering becomes a more prolific part of DME business, it’s clear that drop shipping is quickly becoming a more cost effective and efficient process, however, some items should be picked up in store when the cost of drop shipping plus product cost exceeds the reimbursement margin.

The key is understanding which products can be drop shipped and which ones should be in your warehouse to maintain profitability. We have laid some information below to help you better understand the advantages to automating your product delivery.

It’s critical to understand what product can be drop shipped and which ones
should be in your warehouse…

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Patient Delivery and Setup

25 Jan, 2017

There is one thing every HME provider has in common: the delivery and/or set-up of medical equipment. While the products and services may vary from provider to provider, there are certainly some best practices that come with this type of patient interaction no matter the product or service line.

Bringing medical equipment into a person’s home and integrating it into daily life can be a challenge. When incorporating a new piece of equipment into their world, most patients want to understand a few fundamental things about their continuum of care. We recommend cracking the communication code with patients by focusing on three key areas to guide patient expectations:

Lifestyle Expectations

Whether it’s an elderly person looking to maintain independence, a dad who needs to control his sleep apnea, or a complex rehab patient who is adjusting to a whole new way of life, in many cases, your patient is coming to you because something significant has changed. Focus communication efforts on guiding your patient through the process so they have a good idea of what might be coming next in their healthcare journey.

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