Switching from one software platform to other is something companies should never take lightly.  In today’s landscape, you can pick from the host of options: HDMS, Brightree, TIMS and the Mediware suite of software are all vetted options in our space.

We think that evaluating a change requires a systematic approach, including the 4 steps below.

From a high level, implementing new billing software additional capital from the company and additional resources from your current staff. Place emphasis on the latter of those two examples: your staff.  

Before jumping ship,  evaluate the following;

  1. What are my current frustrations and or limitations of my current billing software?  Visualize that list – whether that means a poster in your conference room or a running email thread through your decision makers.
  2. Make a list of functions within your current platform that works well for your organization and declare them “a must have” for your new solution. Be prepared to dive into these key components as you demo new platforms.
  3. Ask for 3 references that you can call.  Be clear in wanting referrals that are similar to your size as business’ mix.  You don’t want to be a Complex Rehab Provider calling Respiratory companies as a comparison.
  4. Implementation is the most vital component aside from the technology that you should be evaluating. We often hear “I use less than 50% of my system,” which causes us to cringe. It’s important to vetting your staff’s competence to adapt to the new technology should happen before you make your final decision. What does the company offer as part of their implementation and how does your staff learn best? These two details must be in sync.
  5. What technological advances does the new vendor historically made in order to keep pace with industry changes? Ask for a list of enhancements done in the last 9-12 months; ask to send a list of current vendor integrations; ask what is being road mapped for the next 6-12 months. Remember, buy on what you can implement, not what’s coming in the pipeline.

In most cases, our first recommendation for most of our clients is to better understand what solutions are provided by their current platform. From a technological perspective, most of the companies in our market have become good at implementing their product and transitioning from a legacy platform.

This being said, from a cash flow perspective, it’s important to understand what implementation might require. We wish we could outline that here – but it’s just a bit too complicated. We suggest scheduling an hour with our team to discuss.

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