Remember how excited you were when you got your first phone?

Perhaps it was in a bag, barely fit in your pocket, or maybe you were an avid Snake player. For nearly all of us, it was an exciting moment. Technology at our fingertips!

Most of our phones have transformed to universal communication devices, in fact, this very article was crafted on an mobile note-taking app. And, frankly, the Lab Tactical team won’t even consider a new software unless it offers an app to be loaded onto our androids or iPhones.

Undoubtedly, these added features steal valuable face time and attention to those around us. Notice your phone is controlling more time than you’re comfortable with? Consider these tips:

  1. Understand how much time you’re comfortable with non-office screen time. Believe it or not, adults play games and check their Facebook on their phones quite often. Segment that time and consciously consider it as part of personal time.
  2. Set your ‘airplane mode’ when you’re in the car. Most of us fashion drive time as phone time. Try an audio book or a mindful driving exercise instead.
  3. Disable on-screen alerts. Constantly looking at notifications from your fitness app or texts from a colleague? Most offer the ability to disable app alerts. Try it for iPhone or Android.
  4. Avoid “Search-it-first” Challenges. Sure, you could be the first and fastest in your group to answer the trivia. But do you want to be?
  5. Give it an hour after you rise and an hour before you sleep. No exceptions! Don’t take our word for it… Follow this UCLA professor of psychiatry’s logic.

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