4 Easy Apps for Micro-Efficiencies
Simple apps that return time

Micro-efficiencies are tools or small process improvements that solve time-stealing problems.

We sort of made that word up.  After all, the word efficiency already exists – so why would we need a subclassification? It’s not very often that a made-up word would make it into the list of Lab Tactical’s digital vocabulary, closely governed by both Grammarly and our CEO!

Yet somehow we slipped this one through for the blog post and here’s why we think you should add more Micro-efficiencies to your life…

Using smart devices is where you’ll likely find the most opportunity to deploy micro-efficiencies, starting with your smartphone. Now, there are a ton of examples of how your smartphone can make your life easier. It’s choosing the right apps or software are most helpful that can be a challenge.

Graph from Smart Insights Study

This line graph is a look at mobile phone transition over the past 10 years. The yellow circle highlights the time near the beginning of 2014 when the use of devices overtook desktop computers.

It’s likely you’re using your device for your job role in your company, even if they don’t reimburse you for it! More business is done through smartphones than ever before.

This means that often we’re expected to be just a little more attentive, a few more hours a day. Being responsive is a great way to build relationships and manage multi-tasking. It can also take a bite out of your downtime, which is just as important.

If you are fine with a notebook and phone calls to your team, these suggestions might not be for you. But if you’re anything like us, you’re curious about a few solutions that can be implemented with a bit of diligence and setup, read on.

A quick reminder: most apps also have a desktop or browser version. 

If the idea of converting to an app-based solution makes you nervous, don’t worry. Most apps for productivity have a web-browser or event desktop versions of the app available so you can work seamlessly between your phone and computer.

In a digital business world, options shouldn’t be just boring checklists and spreadsheets. Assuming the graph above is correct, your mobile phone is likely already within arm’s reach. Here are several tech pieces and we think are worth considering to make life more efficient for you:

A calendar sharing tool.

Scheduling and re-scheduling are a pain in the butt and it’s not realistic to share calendar details with everybody. These types of tools integrate with your calendar and share your availability without the details of your existing appointments. If you use Office 365, you might have Bookings for free. We’ve been using it for some time now and you can click here to see how it works with our team’s schedule  (even if you don’t want to set time with us right now!) You can text, publish, or share your personalized link as you please. Some people even include it in their Signature on Outlook.

Hubspot’s Website Grader.

Want a free 30-second review of your digital landscape? No joke, this tool provides it. Type your (or any website) into the box and it does a quick analysis. Performance, Mobile, SEO, and Security are all reviewed after you click the ‘get your answer button’.


Struggle to keep up with emoticons, yet understand that communicating with people can more efficient through a simple image? You need a Bitmoji for yourself. We often use them playfully and to cut through the monotony of moving your thumbs across your device. Try it. At a minimum, you’ll be cooler with the team.


Between email, various software systems, and text messages, the multitude of ways that team members communicate can get confusing. Slack integrates across devices and many, many apps – including Zapier and IFTT (If This, Then That), which are both really cool solutions that you can use to integrate several of the services that you likely already use. If you’re intrigued with Bots, slack channels are a good way to start.

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