Today marks the 10th anniversary of Twitter.

I #LoveTwitter. Partially because it was introduced to the world the same year I was introduced to the world as a Junior Art Director. It launched two months before I started my job and was creating a lot of buzz in the ad agency where I worked. Over the next few years, I watched as Twitter evolved from a new gimmick for marketing — one that even led to my agency creating a brand new “digital media” division of our creative department — into a social media platform has played a role in shaping our social interactions and documenting history.

In a way, it feels like I grew my career along side Twitter. In celebration of 10 years of Tweets, I’ve decided to share three reasons to #LoveTwitter:

  1. The 140 character limit. This unwavering standard of Twitter is part of the magic. It’s a policy that truly embodies the benefits of “less is more” by forcing user to be a bit more (or, in some cases, less!) thoughtful about what they publish. These brief snippets of communication also encourage real-time conversation.
  2. The social integration. Twitter has a history of integrating the features its users enjoy about other social platforms. The popularity of emojis inspired Twitter to be the first to integrate these modern day pictographs into its user’s feeds in 2014. A more recent integration involves Periscope, a social platform for broadcasting live video. Periscope feeds now play automatically in Twitter feeds, allowing users to use both platforms more seamlessly.
  3. The #hashtag. We all know what a hashtag is by now… and it all started with Twitter. The hashtag has become a way we organize our digital communication across platforms as well as part of the youth vernacular. Talk about cultural influence!

Happy Birthday, Twitter… Can’t wait to see what you do with the next 10 years. We’ll be watching!



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